Sand Manufacturing Roll Mill

Roll Mill Crushers are designed to crush even the hardest materials with small granulometry to obtain sands and fine products with the lowest production costs.

Roll Mill features:

- low wear

- simplified and reduced maintenance

- low installed power

- high specific performance

- easy setting

- compact design for easy installation

The machine has a very strong and sturdy structure that gives to the assembly a very high stiffness so assuring to keep the slot setting of the crushing rolls and the product constant even under the hardest working conditions. This is also thanks to the particular articulation of the mobile setting wheel and to the powerful hydraulic cylinders of the mill.
These roll mill crushers are particularly designed to give a high reduction ratio with a small production of filler.



crushing of granulates in short granulometric range (ex. 2-4 mm, 3-8 mm, 8-12 mm, 12-15 mm) to

-produce sand

- produce shots grinding

- produce refractory materials crushing